Hybris Integration with SAP Marketing

As we know that in this digital world, Marketing play a key role in driving the business and generating the revenue. SAP come up with a product that can ease out your marketing overhead. Sap marketing is one of a key SAP Product used for understanding the Customer and on that basis generating the leads. Industry has many products but what SAP provides is unmatchable and ahead of their competitors. The Key step with which marketing works is:

  1. It understands your customer.
    • SAP Marketing creates a customer profile in their system from different resource to gain the deeper insight of your customer. It tries to anticipate your customer intent and behavior. The More it interacts with your customer; it gains more insight of their behavior.
    • Your Web shop build on SAP Commerce integrates with SAP marketing to provide the Customer activities, what they click, where they spend more time, what they order, what they didn’t ordered.
  2. Marketing planning – SAP Marketing provides the system to do planning on how you should do marketing for your product
  3. Audience & Campaigns – Apart from providing the personalized customer experience to your web shop customer, you can also do campaigning by sending mails, notifications.

There are many other features which SAP marketing provides, but our main focus here would be integrating you web shop build on SAP Commerce with SAP Marketing.

Below are the Key modules offer by Hybris for integration with SAP Marketing :

  1. Replication : Replication is usually required to replicate the master data from SAP Commerce to SAP Marketing. To achieve this SAP commerce has provided an extension called “sapmktreplication”. This extension has multiple jobs and impex which helps in replicating data like User, Product, and cart from commerce to marketing.
  2. Recommendation : On the basis on user interaction like clicks on web-site, information will be sent to marketing and from their product recommendation will be displayed on commerce portal. Commerce use Recommendation buffer to store the recommendation info from 34 days in buffer items type.
  3. Segmentation : New restrictions are introduced in Commerce personalized shopping experience for customer.

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