Hybris Integration with SAP C4C

Integration of SAP C4C with SAP Commerce include below major modules :

  1. Customer Replication
  2. Quote Replication
  3. Ticketing
  4. ASM Integration
  • For Customer Replication, SAP commerce provides “sapc4ccustomerb2c” extension.
  • Customer Replication occurs when customer resigter on commerce portal. An Event gets trigger when user register, the event lister then calls the Publishprocess. An Action defined in this process will replicates the customer using outbund service.
  • Customer replication also happens when user update their information on web protal. In this case C4CCustomerInterceptor and AddessInerceptor will help in replication of customer data.
  • In case we want to do replication using cron job, we need to disable the replication using above way by disabling a flag.
  1. Create & Edit Quote : Customer can create a Quote from cart page. A Default Quote Service will be called, which initiates the buyer submit process using event/Listener. A Quote Action mentioned in process will convert the Quote Model into the Integration object and then send it to SCPI using outbound service. C4C return an Id on successful replication.
  2. Release Quote : Sales Representative will log into the C4C Portal, and do the processing with Quote like adding the discount etc. On their XML Submission, Integration Object Framework will call Quote Inbound Persistent hook which using quote helper update the Quote in SAP Commerce.
  3. Cancel & Accept Quote
    • These are an Asynchronous process. On Cancellation, Default Quote service will update the C4C, using Event/Listener and process system.
    • If Customer Accepts the Quote and place an order with it, an order process will be called in which a order helper class will call an action which will send the sales order notification to C4C. An outbound Service will be used here, which will convert the Quote Model to sale order notification integration object and send it to C4C using SCPI.

SAP Commerce also provides a provision for creating a ticket from SAP Commerce to C4C. Hybris provides an extension which use the rest service for creating and fetching tickets from C4C.

We can also enable the mock by modifying a property flag using Ticketing Facade.

SSO need to be enabled we would like to give a privilege to Sales executive for placing an order on behalf of customer.

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